Why Join SBIC?

Why Join SBIC? Most golfers join SBIC because of the promise of a great course and fun competition. But, members renew year-after-year because of the people they meet, the friendships they form, and the laughter they share while playing this game we all love. Some are equipment freaks with 13 drivers and seven putters in their trunk. Others are just characters, period.

SBIC is a member-driven inner-club. Members lead club committees, including Local Rules, Handicaps, and Tournaments. Members influence the overall club experience.

The SBIC culture: seriously relaxed. People respect the game, the rules, and pace of play, but they also love to kid each other. (They’ll tell you all about their best shot, and their opponent’s worst shot.)

Below are a few comments from our members.

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“I joined SBIC because I receive guaranteed weekend tee-times. Playing as a single, I don’t have to worry about finding three other players to make a foursome. Anytime I come here I’m put with a good group of guys. It’s a fun time.”
Larry Vandenberghe

“We have tournaments every weekend. There are four to five major tournaments where we get lunch, and at the end of the year we have a banquet. Its just a fun way to meet people and play golf.”
– Scott Rogers

“As an SBIC member, I can play with a one handicap or a 31 handicap golfer; it doesn’t bother me. I play my game, watch others, and enjoy the golf.”
Jacob Friedman

“I think the words ‘competitive tournament’ intimidates the average golfer; it did me. But, I found that SBIC offers structured, competitive tournaments based on our handicaps. For example, we have medal play, best-ball, and points tournaments. Anyone can join. I’m a high handicap golfer and I’ve placed in my division. I love being a member of SBIC.”Darlene Rogers

“I joined SBIC to become a competitive golfer with an established USGA handicap. Our inner club members bring a lot of joy to me; I enjoy their banter, their camaraderie, and their friendship. And, occasionally you’re able to network on a professional level.”
John Carrington

“What I like most about SBIC is the opportunity to play, win, and enjoy the company of my foursome during and after the round. Also, the course, preferred tee-times, as well as the tournament style weekends are most important to me.”
Dan Walsh

“I’ve been an SBIC member for five years. It’s a great group of people, and the regular play has really helped my game. Preferred morning tee-times on weekends, reasonable rates, and a fun and friendly atmosphere at the nineteenth hole – what could be better than that”
Joanne Sullivan

“The SBIC members have a wide range of skill levels and representation across all age groups. I find it enjoyable to play with such a varied group of individuals. I can either select the members of my foursome or be randomly placed in a foursome. The tournaments are competitive, but still maintain a fun and social atmosphere.
Mark Borak