SBIC Minutes

Sandy Burr Inner Club Meeting February 8th, 2023

All members present with the exception of Darlene Rogers- Darlene Rogers absent.
February meeting intended to cover a variety of topics including the membership packet
and other new membership facing initiatives.

President Bill Gardiner began the meeting at 6:30pm.  The first order of business is to
accept the previous meeting's minutes.  Sean Quinlan made a motion to accept the
minutes, Tom Rooney seconded motion, unanimous decision to accept the minutes.

David Aucoin introduces the revision of our membership packet.  In the past, members
have provided feedback to the Board about the membership packet being difficult to
digest for new members.  The Board has decided to edit and revise the packet to
provide a single source of information for all members.

The next order of business is a discussion around introducing a season long two-man
match play event.  Details will be posted on the website once the format and payouts
have been finalized.  This will be a first come, first serve tournament with limited spots.
Discussions moved to the treasury report provided by Chris Boyer.  To summarize,
SBIC is in great financial shape and has the funds in support of the Inner Club as we
continue to retain and drive new membership.

The next topic for discussion is the new member referral program.  SBIC will be shifting
to a flat $75 referral rate.  Chris Boyer made a motion for the membership referral
program to be posted at $75 discount on next year's dues.  Tom Rooney seconded the
motion and the vote was unanimous.

The SBIC membership grew 10% year-over-year from 2021 to 2022.
Scott Rogers made a motion to make the Tournament of Champions tournament a non-
entry fee tournament.  Danny Walsh seconded motion, vote was unanimous.

The SBIC annual meeting will be scheduled for April 1st, 2023 at 3pm EST.  All
members are encouraged to attend. The Board also voted to offer raffle prizes to those
members in attendance.  Tom Rooney made a motion, Scott Rogers seconded and the
vote was unanimous to offer raffle prizes during the opening SBIC meeting.

The Board will keep the Scholarship application deadline of July 31st, 2023.  
Sean Quinlan made a motion to adjourn the Board meeting, which was seconded by
Scott Rogers, and there was a unanimous decision to end the Board meeting.

Meeting Minutes Recorded and Submitted by Secretary Danny Walsh

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