SBIC Minutes

Sandy Burr Inner Club Meeting December 14th, 2022

Zoom- Danny Walsh, Bill Gardiner, Sean Quinlan, Scott Rogers, Tom Rooney, Dave Aucoin, present. Darlene Rogers and Chris Boyer absent.

December Meeting intended to cover a variety of topics recapping the 2022 season and planning for the upcoming 2023 SBIC season.

President Bill Gardiner began the meeting at 6:30pm.  The first order of business is to accept the previous meeting’s minutes.  Danny Walsh made a motion to accept the minutes, Scott Rogers seconded motion, unanimous decision to accept the minutes.

Bill Gardiner appoints Bob Backman as the Tournament Chairman, vote is unanimous to accept.

Bill Gardiner appoints Dave Aucoin as the Handicap Chairman, vote is unanimous to accept.

The next order of business is to discuss the membership fee increase by $5/person, Bill Gardiner motions to increase dues, Danny Walsh seconded motion, vote was unanimous in favor.

Discussions continue regarding reshuffling of pairings and tee times for the 2nd day of SBIC majors.  Danny Walsh motions to accept the reshuffling of pairings going out later on the tee sheet on the 2nd day, Scott Rogers seconded motion, vote was unanimous in favor.

Danny Walsh motions to establish a 10-stroke handicap differential system for 2-man major tournaments.  i.e. If teammates handicaps have greater than a 10 handicap difference, a 10% reduction will be applied to the two members that are above the 10 stroke difference.  Sean Quinlan seconded motion, 3 out of 5 Board members vote in favor and will be established for 2023.  Let the notes show that the vote was not unanimous.

Two other topics were discussed as the Board meeting wrapped up.  First, the Board will begin to explore an improved payment system for sign-ups which would move the club away from using Venmo.  The second item up for discussion was in regards to an optional season long, bracket style match play event.  Both of these topics will be tabled until the Board can bring better guidance for both topics.

7:40pm – Motion made to adjourn Board meeting made by Scott Rogers, seconded by Danny Walsh, and there was a unanimous decision to end the Board meeting.

Meeting Minutes Recorded and Submitted by Secretary Danny Walsh

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