SBIC Minutes

Sandy Burr Inner Club Meeting

February 20, 2022

In Person/Bruce Cavella on Zoom-10:00 AM

Members Present: Bill Gardiner, Bob Backman, Bruce Cavella, Chris Boyer, Daniel Walsh, Darlene Rogers, David Aucoin, Sean Quinlan, and Scott Rogers.

President Bill Gardiner welcomed everyone to the meeting and called the meeting to order.

First order of business is the appointment of Bob Backman to Tournament Chairman and Dave Aucoin to Handicap Chairman. Bruce Cavella made a motion to approve the appointments Bob and Dave, Billy Gardiner seconded motion, vote was unanimous in favor of appointment.

Second order of business is the discussion of fee increases by Sandy Burr and MGA handicap committee.  The SBIC Board acknowledged the increases which will help the Treasurer build out the 2022 SBIC budget.  SBIC Email and Venmo accounts to Bob have been completed.  Bob Backman has offered an improved experience for all SBIC members regarding the scoring process post tournament.  The new process will allow scoring to be viewed electronically for up-to-date results.

The next item to discuss is regarding the tournament schedule and format.  The initial 2022 schedule has been approved by the Board with several tournament formats tentative.  The Players Cup format is tentative.

President Billy Gardiner asked Treasurer Chris Boyer for a brief statement on the 2021 SBIC Financial Close and an initial outlook on the 2022 Financials.  All SBIC bank accounts are tied out for the 2021 close.  Regarding the 2022 outlook, the Board expects the inner club to maintain the same number of members and/or increase in 2022 based on the initial new membership sign ups to-date.

The final items on the agenda were brought to the Board by Vice President Darlene Rogers.  These items include a better experience and use of a QR code for easy membership sign-up and physical pamphlets that are located in the Pro Shop and Lounge at Sandy Burr Country Club.

The next official meeting with be the club membership kick-off meeting tentatively set for April 2, 2022.

The meeting was adjourned.

Minutes Submitted by Secretary Daniel Walsh

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