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Sandy Burr Inner Club Meeting

June 10, 2020   Venue: Google Meets -6:30PM

Members Present:  Bruce Cavella, Chris Boyer, Bill Gardiner, Matthew Ginty, Darlene Rogers, David Aucoin, and Tom Rooney.

Members Absent:  Sean Quinlan and John Carrington.

President Bruce Cavella welcomed everyone to the meeting and called the meeting to order.  

The first order of business was to discuss the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions as they related to the Inner Club.  Discussion was focused with reference to the new web-based signup for tournaments, tournament check-in procedure, tournament payment options, and score card submittal procedure.

The President informed the Board that he and Tournament Chairman, David Aucoin, have had some minor issues with the web-based signup and talked about the need to remind the membership to follow the posted instructions on the Sandy Burr Inner Club website.  Discussion continued with reference to the tournament sign-in procedures for tournament day and it appears that most, if not all, members are doing a great job following the posted instructions.  The paper sign-up procedure would appear to be a thing of the past.  David Aucoin reported that most of the membership was now using Venmo for tournament entry fees and winner’s payouts.  Only a few members are still using the old cash method.  

Due to the new Covid -19  related procedures of collecting score cards and needing to post  those scores well after the tournament has finished,  tournament results until future notice will be posted on the Sandy Burr website early in the following week.

The President asked that the Board members help continue to reinforce the signup procedures to the membership and he did comment that, for the most part, the membership is doing a great job following the posted guidelines for the tournament.

The June Sandy Burr/Franklin Park and Scholarship tournaments were discussed and dates have been postponed.  The logistics of running both tournaments with the Covid-19 restrictions simply didn’t make sense.  The President will send out an email informing membership.  If and when the restrictions change, both these tournaments may be rescheduled.

The President asked Treasurer Chris Boyer for an update on membership to date.  The treasurer reported that paid membership is currently at 110, with 10 new members.  There was a condensed discussion concerning the FY 2020 budget, with the treasurer reporting the FY 2020 budget was carrying enough surplus for two scholarships even if the scholarship tournament is not played this year. Darlene Rogers will send out a June newsletter email to remind membership about the available scholarships and other upcoming major events.

The President opened discussion on the new handicap system and the new Sandy Burr Inner Club software (Golf Genius) being used to run the tournament.  Some members do not  fully understand the new adopted USGA handicap calculations.   Bill Gardiner, handicap chairman, explained that the calculations are now based on several new metrics, e.g:

  • Fewer scores count toward your Index. Under the old USGA system, 10 of your past 20 rounds contributed to your Handicap Index. With the new system, that number falls to 8 of your past 20 rounds
  • Index calculated daily, not every two weeks. However, SBIC will use the handicap in effect on Friday before the weekend.
  • Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) to cap the maximum score on any hole. It uses net double bogey as the universal standard most of the time. In some circumstances it is the best score you think you would have made, not to exceed net double bogey. Example would be you were conceded a putt or your partner made a better score and you pick up.
  • The Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC) adjusts how your score impacts your Index depending on the average of all scores posted at that course that day. This looks to see if yours and other players’ scores were impacted by playing conditions on a particular day.
  • Handicaps also reflect the strokes you get in relation to par.

Last but not least, the handicap chairman explained how handicaps are adjusted when tournaments are played at 90% or any reduction.  The old formula used two decimal points and rounding off. The new system  is much more detailed.   Here it is with the new formula; by way of example, a 23 handicap at 90%:

23 Course Handicap works out this way with the new system. 20.6 index X Slope (Sandy Burr Blue Tee = 127) = 2616.2 divided by 113 (Average slope) = 23.15 + course rating (Sandy Burr Blue Tee =71.4) = 94.55 – PAR (72 Sandy Burr Blue Tee) = 22.55

So 22.55 X .9 = 20.29 rounds to a 20 at 90% loses 3 shots. So a 23 at 90% plays as a 20 based on these numbers.

The President is planning on posting a note on the website that the clubhouse is open for limited business (drinks & food orders) and there are outdoor tables available for the membership to congregate.  Parking lot beer drinking is not encouraged. 

The meeting was adjourned. 

Minutes Submitted by Matthew Ginty, Secretary


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