SBIC Minutes

Sandy Burr Inner Club Meeting
January 27, 2021
Zoom -7:00 PM

Members Present: Bruce Cavella, Chris Boyer, Bill Gardiner, Matthew Ginty, Darlene Rogers, David Aucoin, John Carrington, Sean Quinlan, and Tom Rooney

Members Absent: None

President Bruce Cavella welcomed everyone to the meeting and called the meeting to order.

The first order of business was to discuss the Sandy Burr Inner Club Board elections. Due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, the Inner Club Board elections were not held last fall as is customary. Until the restrictions are lifted, the Board has deferred the opening meeting this year. After some discussion, the Board agreed that the current elected Board members should remain in place until Covid-19 restrictions were relaxed sufficiently to conduct a normal election.

The President asked Treasurer Chris Boyer for a brief update on FY 2020 expenses and FY 2021 proposed budget. The Treasurer reported the FY 2020 budget after expenses had a positive balance of $2,500. One of the main reasons for the higher than normal net income was the Covid restrictions didn’t allow any of the scheduled in-house after tournament functions to be held. Going forward, the FY 2021 budget will carry a $16,800 cash balance.

The President introduced discussion concerning the Inner Club’s scorecard expenses, which is one of the more expensive budget items each year. The costs run between $1,100 to $1,500 each year depending on play. The Board asked Vice-President Darlene Rogers to go out to bid with local printers and price out the option to either print in color or black and white. Additionally, she will explore buying in bulk to reduce the overall cost per card. The President will explore whether it’s practical to partner with Sandy Burr to produce one card that would work for them as well as the Inner Club.

The President recommended that the Board consider buying a new laptop since the old laptop currently being used is showing notable signs of wear and tear. A new updated laptop will more efficiently run the new Golf Genius handicap program and tournament schedules, as well as significantly reduce the likelihood of an untimely laptop failure during the season.

Treasurer Chris Boyer made a motion to allow a budget up to $1,000 to purchase a new laptop that would effectively handle the programs required to run both the handicap and tournament programs. Darlene Rogers seconded the motion. Unanimously approved.

The President made a recommendation that the members’ dues remain at $185 for this coming season. A motion was made by Tom Rooney to keep the annual membership dues at $185. Chris Boyer seconded the motion. Unanimously approved.

Tournament Director has drafted a preliminary tournament schedule for this coming year and it has been submitted to Sandy Burr for review and tentative approval. Once the schedule is approved it will be posted on the Sandy Burr Inner Club website.

Darlene Rogers will send out an email newsletter to remind membership about the upcoming major events. Important ones are:

• The opening date is scheduled for April 10th, pending conditions.
• Member’s handicaps expire March 1st; handicaps may be temporarily deactivated until SBIC 2021 dues are paid.
• The Inner Club is trying to go paperless and will not print any schedules this year. Members can find the schedule online.

The meeting was adjourned.

Minutes Submitted by Matthew Ginty, Secretary


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