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Sandy Burr Inner Club Meeting

February 5, 2020

Sons of Italy, Waltham, MA

Members Present: Bruce Cavella, Chris Boyer, John Carrington, Bill Gardiner, Matthew Ginty, Darlene Rogers, and David Aucoin.

Members Absent:  Sean Quinlan

President Bruce Cavella welcomed everyone to the meeting and called the meeting to order.  Opening remarks by the President confirmed that the all board members and members-at-large from last year have agreed to serve again this year.

The first order of business was the budget recap for FY 2019. The President asked Treasurer Chris Boyer to present the FY 2019 membership planned versus the 2019 actual. The primary points from last year were:

  • Membership was down 12% (144 versus 126) from last year
  • 17 new members joined last year
  • Budgeted dues were $22,442 versus actual of $20,175
  • Net loss of $2,402
  • Senior membership was 27, and regular membership was 99

Chris continued his remarks commenting that all Sandy Burr Inner Club bank accounts tied out to the financial statements and is now ready for audit. Tom Rooney and John Carrington will conduct the final audit of the FY 2019 budget prior to the first 2020 annual meeting as per the Sandy Burr Inner Club by-laws.  All appropriate tax forms have been submitted and accepted.

Chris has drafted the 2020 budget, which has been forwarded to the president for first review before being submitted to the board. Early review projects about a $2K deficit.  Chris stated that all the income and expenses appear to be trending close to last year’s budget and doesn’t expect any significant budget variances for 2020.  Since there were no material changes to the operating costs from FY 2019, e.g., handicaps and tee fees, it was recommended that the membership dues will remain the same for FY 2020.

Chris noted that he has received $705 of donations in memory of George Sweetnam as of 2/4/2020.

Member-at-Large John Carrington made the motion to accept the 2019 budget subject to final audit. The motion was seconded by Vice-President Darlene Rogers. The President asked if there was any a questions or discussion, and having none, a vote was called, and unanimously accepted.

The President requested that the board reinstate David Aucoin as Tournament Chairman and Bill Gardner as Handicap Chairman. John Carrington made the motion to accept both David Aucoin as Tournament Chairman and Bill Gardner as Handicap Chairman. The motion was seconded by Darlene; the President asked if there were any questions or discussion, and having been none, a vote was called, and unanimously accepted.

The President announced some of the key tournament dates for the 2020 season and is as follows:

  • April 5th – Opening meeting
  • June 13 – Franklin Park (away)
  • June 28 – Scholarship Tournament
  • September 12 – Franklin Park (home)
  • October 3 & 4 – Player’s Cup
  • October 25 – 3 club and putter tournament

David Aucoin has drafted the 2020 tournament schedule and is going to insert the above key dates. The final tournament schedule should be ready at the next board meeting and will be voted on then. David went on to discuss the tournament formats and is planning on:

  • Reducing 4 man tournaments due to lack of participation
  • Increasing the number of 2 man pick your partner, due to their popularity
  • May increase the 2 man pick your partner or guest with handicap
  • Will continue the points tournament
  • Will continue a few mystery tournaments

The Tournament Chairman is open to all suggestions for other tournaments from membership.

The President suggested that David and the Board consider bringing back the 2018 Players Cup point system, but with much easier qualifications and modified rules. Lots of discussion ensued; to be discussed further at the next meeting.

Discussion led by the Tournament Chairman continued, moving on to highlights of the new handicap system and rules. Those highlights are:

  • Max score is net double bogey
  • Handicap is based on 8 lowest out of 20 scores
  • Daily or weekly updates – to be determined by tournament chairman
  • Consider environmental condition, e.g., bad weather the day you played, and will adjust your score accordingly

Dave Aucoin has volunteered to look into the new tournament management system for running and updating handicaps. It’s called Golf Genius. Golf Genius is being used to run most clubs tournaments and will help simplify the tournament pairing, tee times, results of the tournaments, and update (download) handicaps through the MGA.

Darlene will get out the Sandy Burr membership application by April 1st. The application is going to be the same as 2019.

The President’s last item on the agenda was the discussion about a member contact page, which was tabled until the next board meeting.

MEETING WAS ADJOURNED                                        Submitted by Matthew Ginty, Secretary


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