SBIC Minutes

Sandy Burr Board Meeting.  10/28/23

Bill Gardiner kicked off meeting at 2:15pm
Sean Quinlan motioned to accept the previous meeting, Tom Rooney seconded, and voted unanimously.

This meeting wrapped up the 2023 SBIC season with our annual 3 clubs & a putter tournament.

Bill Gardiner opened the meeting providing a high-level recap of the season and congratulating many of our major winners across all handicap divisions.

Bob Backman spoke to successes of tournament play while also asking for feedback from the membership to improve the membership experience.

Tom Rooney then spoke to the SBIC Scholarship tournament.  SBIC raised a new record high via donations from the membership which afforded the Inner Club to give out 8 scholarships for those in need. The Board would like to thank all applicants as well as the membership that continue to enable the club to change the lives of people.

Treasurer’s Report: SBIC is in good standing and has funds to provide support of the inner club as we continue to retain and drive membership.    

All Board members will be re-joining the board as officially elected members.  All board seats were run unopposed, and Danny Walsh cast one vote for each office seat.  Sean Quinlan seconded the vote making it official.
Sean Quinlan motioned to adjourn, Scott Rogers seconded, unanimous.

Meeting adjourned at 3:15

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