SBIC Minutes

Sandy Burr Inner Club Meeting July 27th, 2022
Sons of Italy, Waltham MA. Bob Backman on Zoom, Chris Boyer Absent

July Meeting to further discuss feedback on Scholarship Tournament, Social Night, and Future Plaque Awards.

President Bill Gardiner began the meeting at 6:10pm. The first order of business is to accept the previous month’s minutes. Tom Rooney made a motion to accept the minutes, Bill Gardiner seconded motion, unanimous decision to accept.

The second order of business discussed was the number of applications for the Sandy Burr Scholarship. The Board has seen an uptick in applicants for 3 years straight. The Board intends to keep this trend going and a decision was made to provide information and updates regarding the 2023 Scholarship Tournament over the winter time. It is the Boards intention to make this readily available to increase applicant interest.

The next item on the agenda is confirming with Bob Backman that the Tournament of Champions standings are accurate and posted on the SBIC website. The Board is also still in discussion on the format of the Tournament of Champions round.

Another agenda topic is the promotion of the Social Night August 12th. The Board will be speaking with members over the coming weeks to promote and get headcount for food, drinks, and space that is needed. It is encouraged that all members promote the event even if you’re unable to attend.

The final order of business is a decision to add wall plaques for every flight within the Sandy Burr majors. The Board made a decision that there are too many factors to support plaques for every flight in all majors. Specifically that the wall space available belongs to Sandy Burr Country Club and not the Inner Club.

Motion made to adjourn Board meeting made by Sean Quinlan, seconded by Darlene Rogers, and there was a unanimous decision to end the Board meeting.

Meeting Minutes Recorded and Submitted by Secretary Danny Walsh

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