Past SBIC Major Tournament Winners

The SBIC “Sandy Burr Cup,” our first SBIC major tournament, is a 2-day; pick your partner, better ball, tournament. This tournament is opened to all members with a current USGA Handicap.
Sandy Burr Cup Tournament Winners

The SBIC “Seniors Tournament” is our first individual medal-play tournament. Held on two consecutive Sundays, this tournament has three flights. The senior division is for members aged 50 – 59. The Super Senior division is for members aged 60 – 69, and the Super-Super Senior division is for members’ age 70 years and up. This last division began around ten years ago.

Senior Tournament Winners
Super Senior Tournament Winners
Super Super Senior Tournament Winners

The highlight of the summer is the SBIC “Club Championship.” Held over two weekends, the first day is a qualifying medal-play round. The top eight winners in each division are seeded, and then participate in a match-play round. The Club Champion division play scratch and the final two players decide the Champion via a 36-hole match.
Club Championship Winners

Our Fall major, the SBIC “President’s Cup” is a two-day, better ball, pick your partner tournament. This is the last major heading into the “SBIC Player’s Cup.”
President’s Cup Tournament Winners

The SBIC “Player’s Cup,” based on the PGA “Fedex Cup” began five years ago. The goal was to encourage more golf play. The tournament has been very successful. The top 25 members qualify for a weekend, match-play tournament. The 2022 golf season the Player’s Cup has been changed to the Tournament of Champions.
Player’s Cup Tournament Winners/ Tournament of Champions