SBIC Players Cup

Pictured above: Steve Thompson, 2018 Players Cup Champion

Tournament Objective

Aligned with our mission to further the interest of golf through the promotion of fellowship, recreation, competition, integrity and good sportsmanship, the objective of The Player’s Cup is to provide a season-long tournament designed to increase weekly participation, retain existing members and attract new members to the Sandy Burr Inner Club.

Tournament Overview

The Player’s Cup creates a fourth and final “Major” tournament that uses a season-long point system used to determine final tournament eligibility and placement.

All active members in good standing ar eligible to qualify for the tournament at no additional cost.

Points are earned in all individual tournaments as well as two-man and four-man member/member tournaments. Points are not awarded for member/guest tournaments.

The normal weekly tournament process remains exactly the same.

For The Club Championship, points will only be distributed for the regular tournament. No points will be distributed for Super-Super-Seniors; Super-Seniors; Seniors (i.e. points will not be distributed in tournaments unless everyone has a chance to participate).

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