SBIC 2023 Year Long Team Match Play Four-ball Tournament

Sandy Burr Inner Club will be offering a year long 2 member Team Match Play Four-ball Tournament this Year. Entry into the Tournament is optional and will require matches to be played during the months of May through October (if you make the playoffs). The format will be a Four-ball match play with full handicaps at the time of your match. You pick your partner, fill out an entry form, submit with your entry fee via Venmo to the Tournament Chairman (Bob Backman). Either a paper copy or email copy to is acceptable.

Below are additional rules and details of the format of the tournament, any questions direct them to the Tournament Chairman:

Tournament Rules

  • 2 person teams, sign-up and pay by April 30th.                                            
  • Fill out a Sign-up sheet with you and your partners information. Make sure to select a Team Name!
  • Submit either a paper copy or email copy. Submit $25 per player entry fee payment for each team member no later than April 30th.
  • Once all teams have entered and payment made, a blind draw format will be used to determine each Teams qualifying opponents for each month prior to the Tournament start.                           
  • There will be 4 qualifying matches, 1 match a month (May, June, July, August). Matches and results will be posted on SBIC Website.             
  • Your match will be against different opponents each qualifying match.                                            
  • Matches must be played on a weekend.                                         
  • Teams paired in each month’s matches jointly select which weekend day they wish to play their match.
  • Once, selected one of the teams is to notify Tournament Director minimum one week prior to the weekend selected. Tournament Chairman will pair them as a foursome on that day selected.
  • Both Teams can participate in the regular tournament on that day and Swimming.
  • A separate (do not use same scorecard for weekend day tournament) scorecard should be kept for each match and signed by a member of each team. Turn in all Match Play Scorecards separately to the scorer on day of your match.
  • Note: even though conceding of a hole without putting out in Match play is acceptable, if the normal day tournament does not allow this, all holes must be putted out by all players!                      
  • Handicaps as of Friday before weekend of play. Player Tee position same as for normal Tournaments.          
  • Scoring for the match play will be 1 pt for the lowest teams score front 9, 1 pt back 9, and 1 pt overall.        
  • Ties for either front 9, back 9 or overall equal 0.5 each team.                                              
  • No substitutes are allowed for matches.
  • If teams can’t arrange their match in a given month, notify Tournament Chairman before end of month and he will be final arbitrator of a resolution. If notification of Tournament Chairman isn’t made prior to end of month and match is just not played in month no points for either team.                                  
  • At the end of the 4 qualifying matches the top 4 teams with most points make playoffs.
  • Seeded for the playoffs (1vs4 and 2vs3) will be based on total points won or based on tiebreakers listed below.                                           
  • Playoff matches must be played as follows – Semifinals September and Finals October.                                
  • Payouts to top four teams.                                     

Tie-breaker Criteria

  1. Head-to-head
  2. Verses same opponents
  3. Total matches won
  4. Total front and back 9 points
  5. Total back 9 points
  6. Total front 9 points